Why should I have something bespoke made?

I am an emotional person. I always cry at sad films, I over think everything, and the most important thing in my life is my family (in which I include my closest friends). I will find the emotional connection in anything (I will often refer to an object as a ‘him’ rather than an ‘it'), and I think jewellery is the epitome of an emotional purchase.

Every piece of jewellery I own, without exception, has a story behind it. Whether it be a pair of earrings that I bought while I was on holiday, or a ring that I made out of some old gold that my Gran gave to me a few years before she died. I can honestly say that every piece has a story and marks some period, or memory in my life.

I do not think I am unique in this either. Since I have begun this journey of building our business I have often asked friends about the jewellery they are wearing and the story behind it. I am yet to come across anyone who doesn’t have some sort of a background story, setting the scene of how they acquired the certain piece that they are wearing. I find it fascinating; the reasons that we are attracted and connected to our jewellery like nothing else we own. If this holds true with everyone, then imagine the symbolism and emotional connection that could be achieved if a piece of jewellery is made specifically for us, rather than just bought off the shelf.  As every milestone or significant event in our life is unique to us, so every piece of jewellery should be unique too.

I believe that this is the true beauty of having something bespoke made; we can actually incorporate these memories or special occasions in to the design. I have often added small details in to a piece of jewellery to signify something important; from an engraved message, a hidden birthstone, or even an infinity symbol in to the bezel of a ring. I think it is so important to add these little touches, especially in to a symbolic piece being made to mark a special occasion. Why have a piece of generic jewellery which everyone else has, when you can have something which is uniquely yours?


Over the years I have seen the impact and delight that these little details can give. The simple act of placing your child’s birth stone in to an eternity ring, or redesigning a family heirloom, instantly creates an emotional connection and will make the piece even more treasured.

“You are unique, your jewellery should be too!”

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Clare X