Do you have jewellery that you have fallen out of love with?

Have you inherited something that just isn’t you?

Are you having trouble finding that perfect piece of jewellery?

"You are unique, your jewellery should be too!"

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At Varoshe we believe that every piece of jewellery is special.

Behind every piece of jewellery there is a story. Whether it’s the ring you inherited from your grandmother, the earrings you wore on your wedding day or the necklace you were given on your 21st, every important piece tells the story of our lives; the highs and the lows. At Varoshe we believe that it is this sentiment that makes every piece of jewellery special. So, imagine if you had something designed and made especially for you...

We take pride in helping guide you through your journey of creating, or remodelling, that perfect piece of jewellery to mark your life’s special moments, adding those little details which will make it uniquely yours.

Ready to have a chat? You can find out how to contact us here.

Still not sure why you should have something bespoke made? Read our blog post to find out why we think it is so special.


"How do I commission something?"

The process starts with a relaxed conversation, over a cup of coffee (or glass of wine), where we discuss the item you wish to commission or redesign. If you have an idea, or style in mind, then feel free to bring images, or existing pieces along with you. During the initial consultation we will get to know you so that we can interpret your style and ideas in to the perfect piece of jewellery for you or your loved one.

The next stage is for us to design some options for you, based on the initial ideas. These are usually drawn by hand, as we feel it gives a far more personal feel to the experience.

Once the design has been agreed and any stones have been chosen, an estimate is provided.

Upon acceptance of the price, a deposit is paid and we will then begin crafting your jewellery.

The process of making your piece of jewellery usually takes around six weeks to complete, but this can be flexible depending on your particular needs or deadline.

We pride ourselves in offering a relaxed and friendly experience, so why not come in for a chat to start creating your perfect piece of jewellery. Click here to find out how you can get in touch.

Still not sure? Head over to our blog post where you'll find a behind the scenes view of what it is like to have something bespoke made at Varoshe.

"I'm not sure what they might like!"

Don't worry, we also offer gift vouchers so that you can give the whole design experience to a loved one. This can be an amazing present for the person who is always hard to buy for!