How can I have something bespoke made?

This is a question we often get asked, and I know it can be daunting for some people…

~ How will you know what I want?

~ How much will it cost?

~ What will I end up with?

Don’t worry, we are here to help guide you through the whole process (and we’re really nice, honest).

The first thing to do is to come and see us. The process starts with a simple chat, usually over a cup of tea or coffee, where we ask a few questions to try and hone down your thoughts and ideas. Don’t worry if you haven’t a clue what you want, it is our job to ask the right questions so we can find out for you. The simplest way to do this is just to get to know you.

Consultation image.jpg

We discuss your likes and dislikes, your main aim for the commission, your deadline (if you have one) and of course your budget. Whether you want to make something with a pearl, for a 30th wedding anniversary, or you want to use the diamonds from your Grandmother’s ring to make something that is ‘more you’, we are here to help guide you so that you can design your perfect piece of jewellery.

Once we have an idea of the sort of thing you would like (sometimes this can take 10 minutes, sometimes an hour) you would leave us to draw up some designs for you. This is a great way of showing you the options and variations that are possible, and means that you can add special details which will be unique to you. I always think this is so important, as this really is the whole reason to have something bespoke made: you get to add those little finishing touches to make this piece uniquely yours.


At this point, we may also source stones for you to view, so you can choose your actual diamond or gemstone before we make the mount. This means you can choose the exact colour, quality and size of your stone. We can also mount a stone you already have, whether it be an inherited piece, or something you bought on holiday. Remember this is your experience, we are just here to bring your ideas to life.

The next step would be to come back in to look through and discuss the drawings. Sometimes one will jump straight out at you, other times we will continue to refine the details until we reach the perfect design, either way the process is always guided by you.

We would also usually give you a more formal estimate at this stage, sometimes showing you the cost differences between the various options, meaning you are in complete control of your budget at all times.

Once you are happy with the design (which can be as short or long a process as you want it to be), and have agreed the estimate, a 50% deposit would be paid in order for us to commence work in our workshop.

The making of your piece of jewellery usually takes between four and six weeks, but this is obviously dependent on the design complexity. We would advise you of the expected finish date and would always try to accommodate any personal deadlines you may have.

Once your piece of jewellery is ready we will notify you. The piece will be presented in a gift box and upon collection, the balance of the cost would be paid. For items over £1,000 a complimentary insurance valuation schedule would also be included.

We also offer gift vouchers so that you can give the whole experience to your loved one. (Don’t worry though, we will make sure we discuss the budget with you first!)

So you see, it really is that simple! The experience is completely designed around you, and you can be as involved (or not) as you want to be. Just give us a call, or pop in to start your bespoke commission.

Still not sure?  Go over to our testimonials page to read a few of the lovely comments we have had from our customers, or read our blog post about why I think it is so special to have something bespoke made.

Hope to see in West Malling soon.

Clare X